Outline Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapy is based at West Sunnyside Equestrian. With our excellent facilities and inclusive livery packages provide we can provide the very best care for your horse following injury or illness. We will work closely with your Veterinary Practice to provide the very best care for your horse during his/her stay.

Rehabilitation facilities:

  • 20 x 20m surfaced turnout paddocks
  • 40 x 20m sand and fibre covered arena
  • Equine Physiotherapy Suite with solarium
  • Wash Bay with hot horse shower


  • TMM
  • Muscle Stimulator/TENS
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • Deep Oscillation Therapy
  • Ice Vibe Boots/Cool Water Boots
  • Equilibrium Massage Pad
  • Sports Vibe Massage Rug
  • Equi-core (Equi-Band) Concept
  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Poles/Blocks/Jump Wings (Rehab Exercises)

Services we can provide:

  • Physiotherapy Treatments (See our Equine Physio page)
  • Sports Massage
  • In hand Exercise/Grazing
  • Lunging/Long Reining
  • Ridden Exercise/Return to Work
  • Rehabilitation Exercises/Stretches
  • Individual Turnout (20×20 Surfaced Paddock)
  • Part and Full Livery (click here for more info)

Other services:

  • Saddle Fitting (Master Saddler)
  • Remedial Shoeing/farriery
  • Equine Dentist
  • Acupuncture

Please CONTACT US to discuss Rehabilitation Livery options