Rider Physiotherapy

Your position as a rider has a huge impact on how well your horse moves, and therefore has a huge impact on your performance.

asymmetrical rider = asymmetrical horse

Have you ever been told that you drop a shoulder? Or ‘collapse’ a hip? Is your instructor always telling you to ‘look up’ or ‘sit taller’? Perhaps you find certain movements easier on one rein compared to the other? Or always knock a pole when approaching from a particular rein? If so, then your body is not functioning optimally!


“I would highly recommend a visit to Robyn, i’ve been struggling with being level in saddle and hip issues. After a couple of sessions and a home exercise plan it’s made a huge difference to my riding and helped my showjumping! Now looking forward to the season ahead!”
Fiona - Fife

Rider Assessment

During your Initial Appointment at Outline HQ Robyn will undertake a Rider Assessment.

Robyn will carry out a series of tests looking at your symmetry, strength and flexibility to identify issues that will be influencing your position and performance in the saddle. Hands on treatment techniques will then be used to release tight muscles and activate weak muscles to allow your body to function better, improving your body’s movement patterns and ultimately improving position and performance!

“Robyn Dunn is just so skilled at getting to the root of a problem from a riders perspective. Feel absolutely delighted after my rider session this morning which was in the clinic and I can’t wait for my next appointment! Homework to be done in the meantime from a detailed email so you don’t leave feeling that you might have forgotten something!”
Marie Clare - Glasgow

Initial Appointment – £60

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Return Appointment – £50

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Rider Performance Package – £145

To get the most benefit out of coming to Outline HQ, Robyn recommends an initial course of 3 sessions. An Initial Appointment followed by two Return Appointments. This would normally cost £160. Please click here to book your first appointment online.