How does an online virtual physiotherapy session work?

Step 1

Once you book an appointment with us we will send you a link to your online consultation. Use this link to access the secure video call at the time of your appointment

Step 2

Once on the video call with us we will have an in depth discussion around you, your symptoms and concerns and find out more about your story

Step 3

We will guide you to perform various test movements so that we observe your movement patterns

Step 4

We will guide you through a self treatment/activation plan and walk you through exercises to ensure you are performing them correctly

Step 5

We will follow up your consultation with an email containing your exercise plan and any advise discussed within your appointment

What are the benefits of online virtual physiotherapy?

  • No need to travel to our studio
  • Get quicker advice
  • Get an appointment while away for travel, business or competition
  • Positive patient outcomes
  • Self treatment works

Have a look at our recent blog post for more information – click here

Online consultations are currently £25*

To book an online virtual appointment click here


*This is £20 less than a face to face appointment – prices may go up in May 2020